seafood pad
  • Standard specification
    • 500*300mm, 3000ml/pc
    • 720*320mm, 8000ml/pc
  • Available in custom sizes, absorbency and colors to meet all applications.

Seafood Absorbent Pad is a new type of packaging material designed to solve the problem of keeping seafood products fresh during transport and storage. It is made of new high-tech absorbent material that efficiently adsorbs and locks in water and body fluids released by seafood, including seawater, melted ice water and other salt-containing liquids. This special packaging accessory significantly slows down microbial activity by maintaining a dry, clean internal environment, thereby effectively extending the freshness and shelf life of seafood.


  1. Strong water-absorbing property: The seafood Absorbent Pad is made of special new material for water-absorbing and cold-storing, which has strong moisture-absorbing and water-locking ability, and can quickly absorb excess water on the seafood surface and inside the package.
  2. Gelation locking: the absorbed water is transformed into gel-like substance, which is firmly locked inside the Absorbent Pad, avoiding the water from seeping back into the food and keeping the environment inside the package dry and hygienic.
  3. sealing and pressure resistance: the four sides are sealed tightly, even in vacuum packaging or by the transport process of air pressure extrusion, the pad is not easy to rupture, to ensure that the function of water absorption and stable play.
  4. Wide application: not only suitable for all kinds of seafood such as fish, shellfish, shrimp and crab, etc., but also can be adjusted according to the need to adjust the size and specifications to meet the needs of different packaging forms.
  5. Safe and environmentally friendly: the production of seafood Absorbent Pads are usually made of materials that comply with food safety standards, non-toxic and harmless, does not contain harmful chemical components, the quality of food and consumer health are not negatively affected.


  • Long-distance transport preservation: In the long-distance transport of seafood, the Absorbent Pad can quickly absorb the melting ice water due to temperature changes, reduce bacterial growth, prevent seafood from deteriorating, and ensure that the product still maintains high quality when it reaches its destination.
  • Retail market preservation: Supermarkets, farmers markets and e-commerce platforms and other businesses selling seafood products, in the pre-packaging will also use seafood Absorbent Pads to improve the effect of commodity display, enhance customer confidence in purchasing, and actually prolong the period of sale of fresh food.
  • Catering industry fresh storage: catering industry in the procurement and storage of seafood ingredients, the use of seafood Absorbent Pads can improve the storage conditions in the back kitchen, reduce the rate of loss, to protect the quality of the dishes.