Food packaging paper refers to special paper products developed and produced specifically for packaging various types of food, the design and manufacture of which follow strict food safety standards to ensure that contact with food will not negatively affect the quality, taste, nutritional value of food and the health of consumers. Food packaging paper with natural fibres as the main raw material, after fine physical and chemical processing, giving it specific physical and chemical properties, so that it meets the specific needs of food packaging.

There are many kinds of food packaging paper, which can be roughly divided into the following categories according to their functional characteristics and application scenarios:

  1. waterproof and greaseproof paper
  2. baking paper (also known as baking tray paper)
  3. wet strength paper
  4. breathable wrapping paper
  5. steaming paper
  6. Laminated wrapping paper
  7. Edible wrapping paper
  8. Functional coated paper
  9. Special packaging paper: tea wrapping paper, food labelling paper, frozen food packaging paper, etc.