Interleaving & liner paper are paper materials specially designed to fill, support, isolate or protect items from mutual contact, abrasion, collision or the external environment. These papers are usually treated with special processes or structural designs to meet the performance requirements of different application scenarios, such as anti-shock, anti-pressure, thermal insulation, moisture resistance, anti-static, etc. They can be used independently or laminated with other materials to form a composite liner or spacer structure to enhance the overall protective performance.

Interleaving & liner paper can be classified into various types according to their material, structure, functional features and application areas:

  1. cushion liner: corrugated paper, honeycomb paper, bubble paper, foam paper liner (pulp moulding, etc.), anti-vibration paper liner (crumpled paper liner, pulp anti-vibration liner), etc.
  2. isolation pads: smooth isolation paper, such as glass isolation, metal isolation, CTP plate, PS plate isolation, clothing isolation, crafts isolation, etc.; moisture-proof isolation paper, such as silicone oil paper, aluminium film paper, etc.
  3. Special function liner: heat insulation paper liner (such as graphene paper), static electricity protection paper liner, etc.