Absorbent pads
  • Absorbent Capacity: 600-3500ml/m2
  • Size:
    • Roll: Length (400-1500m), Width(45-400mm), Diameter(Max 1200mm)
    • Sheet: Length (80-450)mm, Width (45-400)mm,  other sizes also available
  • Color: white, black, red, or customized

Fruit Absorbent Pads are high-tech packaging material specially designed for fresh food preservation, which is mainly used to absorb and lock the excess water and moisture generated by respiratory metabolism released from fresh fruits during storage and transport. This Absorbent Pads are mainly made of polymer water-absorbent resin or fiber composite material with strong moisture absorption and water locking function, which can effectively maintain the dryness of the surrounding environment of the fruits, thus prolonging the freshness and shelf-life of the fruits.


  1. Highly absorbent: Fruit Absorbent Pads can quickly absorb and lock the moisture released from the fruit, preventing the moisture from accumulating, and leading to bacterial growth and fruit decay.
  2. Gel locking: The absorbed water is converted into a gel, which does not reverse osmosis and ensures that the inside of the package remains clean and dry.
  3. sealing protection: the design is usually tightly sealed on all sides to avoid leakage of water-absorbing materials, and at the same time, it can maintain a stable structure in the vacuum packaging environment without rupture due to pressure changes.
  4. safety and environmental protection: in line with food safety standards, non-toxic and harmless, can be in direct contact with food, and some of the products are designed to have good biodegradability, in line with the concept of green packaging.
  5. Diversity of specifications: According to different fruit sizes and packaging needs, absorbent pads can be made into various shapes and sizes to adapt to different fruit packaging containers.


Fruit Absorbent Pads are widely used in the freshness packaging of all kinds of fruits, including but not limited to apples, pears, oranges, strawberries, and other fruits that are susceptible to humidity:

  • In supermarket retailing, put the absorbent pads into pre-packed fruit boxes to reduce mold and rot on the surface of fruits.
  • In the long-distance transport process, with the use of refrigerated transport, water-absorbent pads can reduce the loss or increase of moisture due to bumps and temperature fluctuations, reducing the rate of loss.
  • For e-commerce delivery business, the use of water-absorbent pad packaging helps to protect the quality of fruits and enhance the freshness and satisfaction of customers when they receive the goods.
  • In the agricultural export trade, fruit water-absorbent pads, as a modern means of preservation technology, help to improve the added value of agricultural products and enhance international competitiveness.