Advertising materials refer to a series of specialised material carriers used in the process of designing, producing and displaying all kinds of advertisements, including but not limited to all kinds of plates, light boxes, stickers, consumables, accessories, photoelectricity products, hardware, tools, paints, adhesives and so on. These materials provide the necessary material basis for the presentation, dissemination and beautification of advertising information, and are the core elements for building advertising visual effects and realising advertising functions. The selection and application of advertising materials have a direct impact on key indicators such as the visual appeal of the advertisement, the efficiency of message communication, durability, cost-effectiveness, and coordination with the environment in which the advertisement is placed.

The categories of advertising materials are mainly:

  1. advertising panels: including acrylic panels, PVC panels, aluminium composite panels, metal panels, wood-plastic panels and so on.
  2. advertising stickers and stickers: including body stickers, single-sided transparent, double spray cloth, reflective stickers, etc.
  3. airbrush and photo consumables: including airbrush cloth, mesh cloth, reflective film, ink, etc.