Office paper refers to all types of office equipment, for the production, reproduction, delivery of all types of office documents, charts, vouchers and other written materials of professional paper.

The main categories of office paper are:

  1. copy paper: the weight is usually between 70-120 g / square metre, 80 g is the most common. 2.
  2. computer printing paper: common with copy paper
  3. inkjet printing paper: designed for inkjet printers
  4. CAD drawing paper: designed for computer-aided design (CAD) printing and design
  5. engineering drawings: similar to CAD drawing paper
  6. fax paper: specialised paper for conventional fax machines
  7. Thermal printing paper: including plain thermal paper and colour thermal paper
  8. special function paper: including but not limited to cash register paper, ATM strip paper, line line paper, POS paper, ATM printing paper, etc.