Meat Absorbent Pad

Absorption rate: medium or high, 25ml/pc—350ml/pc.

Fabric: Customizable, including PE film, mesh PE film, non-woven fabric, etc.

Specifications: can be customized, there are a variety of sizes and colors to choose.

Meat Absorbent Pads are an innovative packaging material designed for meat preservation, which is made of special materials such as highly absorbent polymers or non-woven fabrics. The main function of this mat is to absorb and lock in blood and other body fluids that naturally seep out of raw meat during storage and transport, thus effectively inhibiting bacterial reproduction, prolonging the freshness period of meat, and maintaining its quality and taste.


  1. Highly absorbent: Meat Absorbent Pads have excellent water absorbency, which can quickly absorb water released from meat in a short period of time, reducing the wet environment needed for bacterial growth and helping to prevent meat from spoiling.
  2. Strong water-locking ability: After absorbing water, the pad can firmly lock the water in its internal structure, avoiding the water flowing back to the surface of the meat, and maintaining the meat in a dry and clean state.
  3. Bacteriostatic effect: some advanced meat absorbent pads may also be added with bacteriostatic ingredients, which can further inhibit microbial activity and enhance food safety.
  4. Food contact safety standards: As shown in "Demi Fresh Meat Absorbent Pad", these products are manufactured in strict compliance with food contact standards to ensure that they are non-toxic, harmless, and can be used in direct contact with food without affecting the quality of the food.
  5. Eco-friendly and durable: Materials are usually biodegradable or easily disposable, which meets the needs of single-use and sustainable development.


  • Retail: Widely used in meat packaging in supermarkets and fresh markets to improve the display of goods and ensure that consumers buy fresh and hygienic products.
  • Cold chain logistics: In long-distance transport and cold chain logistics, meat absorbent pads, as an important freshness preservation component, can protect meat from bumps, temperature changes and other factors, slowing down the decline in freshness.
  • Catering industry: To ensure the freshness of ingredients, catering service providers also use these Absorbent Pads when purchasing and storing meat, especially for high-quality pork, duck, beef and so on.