Construction and decoration materials refer to a series of specialised materials used for decorating indoor and outdoor spaces and enhancing the function of use after the completion of the main structure of a building. They are the material basis of architectural decoration works, aiming to achieve the goals of beautifying the environment, improving visual effects, upgrading spatial quality, enhancing functionality and optimising living conditions by laying, painting and assembling the surfaces of buildings. These materials not only cover traditional solid materials, such as wood, stone, ceramics, glass, paper, etc., but also include modern industrial production of various types of synthetic materials, such as plastics, metals, fibre products, etc., as well as emerging high-tech materials and eco-friendly materials.

There are many kinds of building and decorative materials, of which paper-plastic materials are mainly the following categories:

  1. plastic and foam: PVC flooring, wall panels, ceilings, doors and windows, and other plastic decorative parts.
  2. Foam material: XPE foam, IXPE foam, IXPP foam, TPE foam, PU foam, etc.
  3. Decorative paper: furniture and building materials decorative paper, wallpaper, mural paper.
  4. Building structure and functional paper: paper steel (metal fibre paper), building insulation paper, waterproof breathable paper.
  5. Construction auxiliary paper: construction lining paper, construction marking paper, construction protection paper.
  6. Architectural drawing and printing paper: architectural drawings such as tracing paper, drawing paper, sun drawing paper, etc.; architectural decorative printing paper.