thinprint paper

Grammage: 22-80gsm

Thinprint paper is a high-quality paper specifically designed for printing purposes, characterized by a lower thickness than conventional printing paper and moderate strength. These papers typically have excellent uniformity, smoothness, and tightness, while maintaining a low grammage with good printability and durability. Thinprint papers not only require a delicate production process but must also consider the need to conserve resources and environmental protection, so the paper manufacturing process requires advanced technology and strict quality control.


  1. lightweight and high strength: Thinprint paper is notable for its thin and lightweight characteristics, but through the optimization of fiber ratios and improved production processes, to ensure that even in the case of reducing the thickness of the paper still has sufficient strength and toughness to adapt to the requirements of double-sided multi-color printing.
  2. Excellent printing performance: Thinprint paper with high fidelity of the printing effect, can clearly reproduce the details of the pattern, bright and full of color, high color reproduction. Its coating uniformity, fast ink absorption, fast drying, conducive to improving printing efficiency and quality stability.
  3. Technical complexity: the manufacture of Thinprint paper needs to go through a refined pulping and papermaking process, including the selection of raw materials, fiber dispersion at the pulping stage, as well as dewatering, drying and other steps in the papermaking process, to ensure that the paper is both thin and not easy to penetrate through the print, and the surface is smooth, suitable for high-speed, high-precision printing equipment.
  4. Environmentally friendly: The production of Thinprint paper focuses on sustainable development, pursues low energy consumption and low emissions, and reduces the impact on the environment using renewable raw materials and recycling.


  • Publishing industry: Applied to the inside pages of advanced books, manuals, magazines, etc., it helps to reduce the overall weight and is easy to carry and read.
  • Packaging industry: When meeting the demand for lightweight packaging materials such as product manuals, labels, and trademarks, Thinprint paper is favored for its lightness and display effect.
  • cigarette accessories: used in cigarette paper, filter stick paper and other cigarette accessories, requiring paper with specific air permeability and mechanical strength.
  • Commercial promotion: used in the production of exquisite catalogues, advertising flyers, business cards, etc., Thinprint paper can provide more information in a limited space.