playing card board
  • Grammage: 280gsm, 285gsm

Playing card board is a kind of high quality cardboard material specially used in the production of playing cards, which is named for its white colour and excellent physical properties. It is a hard paper processed by special technology with high thickness, stiffness and strength, and is the most common basic paper used in the production of playing cards. Compared with ordinary paper, playing card board has strict standards in terms of density, abrasion resistance, folding resistance, etc., which ensures that the made playing cards can be kept in good condition during repeated use and shuffling.


  1. High-quality white substrate: board has a pure and even color with high brightness, providing an ideal blank background for clear and sharp printing of all kinds of complex patterns and text.
  2. High stiffness and breakage resistance: Playing card board has a very high stiffness, which makes the cards not easy to bend or fold; at the same time, its breakage resistance is quite excellent, even after frequent scrubbing and collision, it is not easy to break.
  3. Smooth surface and printing adaptability: the surface is finely calendered, smooth and flat, which is conducive to achieving accurate colour printing effects, whether it is standard four-colour printing or special hot stamping, embossing and other processes can be well displayed.
  4. Environmental protection and durability: High-quality playing card board is often made of environmentally friendly and harmless raw materials and production processes to ensure safety and non-pollution, and it is durable and can maintain a good use experience over a longer period of time.


  • Entertainment and gaming industry: Board is indispensable for the production of standard playing cards, and it is widely used in family entertainment, social gatherings, club activities, and other occasions for playing card games, such as Texas Hold'em, Fight the Landlord, and Bridge.
  • Professional tournaments and commercial use: In international and domestic professional poker tournaments, the playing cards chosen are mostly made of top quality board to ensure fairness and durability, as well as easy to be captured by cameras and identified by spectators.
  • Advertising and custom gifts: businesses often use board playing cards for personalisation, brand image, product information printed on them, as advertising and promotional giveaways or souvenirs, which are both practical and have a strong communication power.
  • Artistic creation and collection: high-quality board playing cards can also be used as an art carrier, artists will be illustrated on it, graffiti or design unique thematic patterns, so that the playing card works both practical, but also has a high ornamental and collection value.