Placemat paper
  • Grammage: 47gsm

Placemat paper, is a paper product designed for the catering industry, which is mainly used to be placed underneath the dinner plate in order to absorb the soup and grease spilled from the food, and to keep the table clean and hygienic. Not only does it have a practical function, but it is also often used as a medium for brand promotion, creating a dining atmosphere or conveying information by printing various patterns, advertising slogans or restaurant information to enhance the customer's dining experience.


  1. Absorbency and oil barrier: placemat paper are usually made of paper with strong absorbency and oil barrier, which can effectively absorb food residues and liquids, prevent desktop contamination and keep the table clean and tidy.
  2. Disposable: In order to ensure hygiene, placemat paper are designed to be disposable and can be discarded after use, which is convenient and reduces the risk of cross-contamination.
  3. Customizable design: Different patterns, colours and texts can be customized according to the restaurant's brand image, holiday themes or promotional needs to increase the aesthetics and marketing effect.
  4. Eco-friendly materials: with the increasing awareness of environmental protection, many napkin placemats are made of biodegradable or recycled materials to reduce the impact on the environment.
  5. Multi-functionality: In addition to being used as placemats under the dinner plate, some designs can also function as menus, napkins or interactive games, enhancing customer engagement and satisfaction.


  1. Catering services: Widely used in all kinds of restaurants, cafes, fast food shops, hotels and other catering establishments, it is an indispensable consumable in daily operations.
  2. Brand promotion and marketing: by printing brand image, new product recommendation, preferential information, etc. on the napkin, it can achieve low-cost and high-efficiency marketing communication.
  3. special occasion decoration: in weddings, birthday parties, annual meetings and other special occasions, customised placemats can add personalised colour to the event and create a unique atmosphere.
  4. Family gatherings: Even at family gatherings, using placemats can simplify cleaning while adding fun and festive atmosphere.
  5. Education and entertainment: Some placemats are designed with riddles, trivia or colouring areas, making them a great educational and family entertainment tool for children.