Glass interleaving paper
  • Grammage: 32gsm, 35gsm, 38gsm, 40gsm

Glass interleaving paper has specific applications in the glass further processing industry. This material is mainly used to protect flat glass during production, transport and installation from scratches or contamination by preventing direct contact and adhesion between glass panes.


  1. Surface treatment: Glass spacer is usually specially treated to give it good smoothness and isolation properties, which can effectively reduce the friction between the glass and at the same time prevent the coatings on different glass surfaces from contacting each other and being damaged.
  2. Physical properties: it needs to have a certain degree of strength and toughness, to be able to maintain stability when picking up and placing the glass and can withstand a certain temperature change without deformation or damage.
  3. chemical stability: in order not to react with the glass surface substances, the spacer needs to have excellent chemical stability, does not contain corrosive components, will not have a negative impact on the glass.
  4. Environmentally friendly: high-quality Glass interleaving paper may also be designed to be easy to peel and no residue, can be easily cleaned up after use, and some products are even biodegradable to reduce the impact on the environment.


  • In the manufacture of multi-layer insulating glass, it is placed as a spacer material between two or more pieces of glass, keeping them separate from each other until the sealing process is complete.
  • Used as a separator between each piece of glass when stacking flat glass for storage and transport, preventing scratches and breakage due to movement and compression.
  • In the production of large glass substrates such as liquid crystal displays (LCDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), it is used for temporary protection and positioning to ensure a high level of cleanliness and damage-free handling during the production process.


  • Liquid crystal glass spacer: including liquid crystal glass substrate, photoelectric glass, and cover glass.
  • Automotive glass spacer: including sunroof glass, windscreen, window glass, interior glass.
  • Photovoltaic countertop paper: photovoltaic glass panel protection, cell isolation