UV protection PC film is a specially designed and manufactured polycarbonate (PC) film product whose core function lies in its ability to effectively block and absorb ultraviolet (UV) radiation. This film is endowed with a high barrier to UV wavelengths (especially the UVA and UVB portions, which are harmful to materials and the human body) by means of special formulations, production processes or surface treatment techniques. UV protection PC film not only retains the excellent physical and chemical properties of ordinary PC film, such as high transparency, excellent impact resistance, good dimensional stability and easy processing and moulding, but also, more critically, adds the ability to resist UV aging and prevent UV-induced fading, embrittlement, degradation and other negative effects.


  1. Efficient UV-blocking performance: UV-protected PC film can effectively absorb or reflect UV rays, especially UVA, which is harmful to skin health, and UVB, which is destructive to materials; its UV transmittance is much lower than that of ordinary PC film, which can help to protect the covered items from UV damage.
  2. excellent weather resistance: due to the UV resistance, UV protection PC film shows excellent weather resistance under long-term outdoor use conditions, and is not easy to cause yellowing, aging, and mechanical degradation due to UV irradiation, and maintains long-lasting optical clarity and mechanical strength.
  3. good optical properties: maintains the original high transmittance of the PC film, to ensure the quality of light transmission while not affecting the line of sight or display effect, suitable for applications with high requirements for visual clarity.
  4. High strength and toughness: UV protection PC film inherits the high strength and impact resistance of ordinary PC film, even when subjected to external impact or stress can still maintain good structural integrity, providing excellent protective performance.
  5. Environmental protection and safety: usually does not contain halogens and other harmful substances, in line with environmental requirements, and does not produce a large number of toxic fumes when burned, increasing the safety of applications in specific areas.
  6. Processing adaptability: easy to cut, bend, thermoforming, lamination or composite with other materials, suitable for a variety of complex shapes of product design and manufacturing process.


Due to its unique performance characteristics, UV protection PC film is widely used in many fields, including but not limited to the following:

  1. outdoor protection products: such as outdoor lenses (sunglasses, goggles), sun hats, awnings, car window film, tent materials, etc., to provide users with eye protection and skin protection against sunburn, skin diseases and vision damage caused by UV rays.
  2. Architectural lighting materials: as transparent or semi-transparent covering materials for architectural lighting panels, skylights, greenhouse roofs, etc., it can not only ensure sufficient natural light, but also effectively block ultraviolet rays from entering into the room, protect indoor personnel and objects from ultraviolet damage, and at the same time delay the fading and aging of the internal decorative materials.
  3. Electronic display protection: used for mobile phone screens, tablet computer screens, e-book readers, car navigation screens and other types of electronic display devices, the outer layer of protection, to prevent UV-induced degradation of display quality, and to provide anti-scratch, anti-glare and other functions.
  4. automotive parts: automotive windscreen interlayer, side window glass, charging pile panels, interior parts, etc., to enhance the weather resistance and service life of the components, and to reduce the impact of UV rays on vehicle occupants and electronic equipment.
  5. Art and cultural relics protection: as the encapsulation material for precious exhibits in museums, galleries, libraries, etc., to prevent fading and aging caused by UV rays, and protect cultural heritage from damage.
  6. Packaging materials: For the packaging of UV-sensitive commodities (e.g. medicines, cosmetics, food, etc.), UV-protected PC film can be used as inner lining or outer packaging to prevent the quality of products from changing or failing due to UV irradiation.