Luggage PC film is a high-performance plastic film material specially applied in the field of luggage manufacturing, and its main component is polycarbonate (Polycarbonate, PC). With its excellent physical properties, chemical stability and processing adaptability, polycarbonate has been widely used in many industrial fields, especially in the need for both beauty, durability and lightweight bags and luggage products, PC film as a key surface protection and decorative materials are highly favoured.


  1. High strength and impact resistance: PC film has very high mechanical strength and toughness, can withstand substantial bending but not easy to rupture, and at the same time have excellent absorption ability of the impact, effectively protect the contents of the bags from collision damage.
  2. High transparency and gloss: Transparent PC film is nearly colourless, with high light transmittance, giving bags a bright, transparent visual effect and enhancing the high-end sense of the product. In addition, the surface of high-gloss PC film is smooth, presenting a mirror-like luster, suitable for creating fashionable, modern style bags.
  3. Temperature resistance: PC film has good heat resistance and low-temperature toughness, can maintain its physical properties stable in a wide range of temperatures, whether it is high-temperature outdoor sun exposure or storage in cold environments, can maintain the shape of the unchanged, do not brittle, to ensure that the long-term use of the bags the integrity of the appearance.
  4. Wear-resistant and scratch-resistant: PC film surface hardness is high, not easy to be damaged by daily wear and tear or scratching, can effectively resist the friction and scratching in the process of luggage transport, keep the surface of the bag as new for a long time.
  5. Flame retardant: specific types of flame retardant PC film has good fire retardant properties, in line with the relevant safety standards, increasing the safety of luggage, especially for higher fire safety requirements of the occasion or flight luggage.
  6. environmental characteristics: PC film is usually colourless, odourless, harmless to the human body, and easy to recycle, in line with the needs of the modern luggage industry for green materials.
  7. Processing adaptability: PC film can be easily combined with the main structure of luggage through thermoforming, vacuum vacuum moulding, bonding and other processes, and can achieve complex curved surfaces, and with a variety of substrates (e.g., ABS, PC/ABS alloy, etc.) with good adhesive properties.


  1. Case surface lamination: PC film is often used as the surface lamination material of hard suitcase shell, which is tightly combined with the case body through hot pressing or adhesive process to provide wear-resistant and impact-resistant protective layer, and at the same time, it gives the case bag a distinctive colour, texture or pattern, which enhances the attractiveness of the product's appearance.
  2. Transparent window design: some bags will be designed with transparent or semi-transparent PC film windows, which not only facilitates users to quickly identify the internal items, but also increases the unique design of the bag.
  3. Internal partitions and dividers: PC film can also be used to make transparent partitions or dividers inside the bags, which improves the space utilisation and makes the internal items clear at a glance, making it easy to organise and find.
  4. personalisation: PC film can be printed, plated, laser engraved and other surface treatments, enabling bag manufacturers to provide a wealth of personalised services to meet consumer demand for unique design and brand identity.
  5. Special function bags: For professional use bags, such as photographic equipment cases, medical equipment cases, etc., PC film can provide the necessary level of protection, such as dust-proof, waterproof, UV resistance, etc., to ensure the safe storage and transport of internal precision equipment.