Grease-proof Folding box board(FBB) is a kind of food-grade high-grade white cardboard with grease-resistant function. It maintains the original characteristics of white cardboard while giving the paper excellent resistance to grease penetration through special surface coating or internal processes. This kind of paper usually has a high weight, firm and thick, and after fine processing, so that its surface is smooth and has high stiffness and breakage resistance, at the same time, it can effectively prevent the penetration of grease substances on it and staining.


  1. Grease Resistance: The key feature of grease-resistant white cardboard is its excellent grease resistance, which keeps the paper surface clean and free from grease stains when it meets grease substances, making it suitable for packaging applications that need to meet grease products or that may be exposed to grease environments.
  2. High-quality base material: Based on the characteristics of white cardboard, grease-proof white cardboard also has good physical strength, including high stiffness and breakage resistance, to ensure that it is not easy to break and deform in the process of use, and to maintain the stability of the packaging form.
  3. Health and safety: in line with the food contact standards of the grease-proof white cardboard non-toxic and harmless, no negative impact on human health, suitable for food packaging field, to ensure food safety and consumer health rights and interests.
  4. Printing suitability: high surface smoothness, conducive to high-quality printing and decoration, can meet a variety of commercial packaging design needs, to achieve exquisite visual effects.
  5. Environmental protection and durability: Part of the grease-proof white cardboard is made of recyclable raw materials and has good durability, which is not only good for environmental protection, but also more durable than ordinary paper products in terms of service life.


Grease-proof paperboard is widely used in the following areas:

  • food packaging: such as fast-food boxes, bakery products packaging, frozen food packaging, etc., can effectively prevent grease or moisture damage to the packaging, to maintain the freshness of food.
  • catering industry: used to make napkins, disposable tableware gaskets and packaging materials for all kinds of restaurant utensils.
  • chemical product packaging: such as cosmetics, lubricants, paints, chemical raw materials and other products of the internal and external packaging, to protect the contents from contamination, but also to protect the user to avoid direct contact with harmful chemical ingredients.
  • electronic product packaging: in the packaging of electronic components, precision instruments and other products, grease-proof white cardboard can provide a dry, clean packaging environment.