PE foam barrier paper

Base paper: paper or paperboard, 170- 350gsm

PE foam barrier paper is a new type of packaging material that combines paper and polyethylene (PE) foam technology. On the basis of conventional paper packaging, by laminating the PE foam layer with paper, the barrier properties of the material can be enhanced to provide heat insulation, anti-scald, etc., and increased cushioning protection.


  1. excellent barrier property: due to the addition of PE foam layer, the material can effectively prevent moisture, grease and other gases or liquids from affecting the packaged goods.
  2. good cushioning performance: PE foam layer has good elasticity and shock-absorbing effect, which can provide excellent protection for the products and reduce the impact and vibration damage in the transport process.
  3. lightweight and environmentally friendly: compared with the traditional all-plastic packaging, the addition of paper elements make the material easier to recycle, while maintaining a lower weight and reducing logistics costs.
  4. Processing adaptability: the thickness and hardness of the PE foam layer can be adjusted as needed to meet the packaging needs of different products, while also facilitating secondary processing such as printing, cutting and folding.


  • Food packaging, thermal insulation and anti-scalding, and prevent moisture and grease penetration, used in the production of paper cups, paper tableware and take-away packing boxes.
  • Cosmetics, health products and other industries that require good sealing and aesthetics;
  • Cold chain logistics packaging, as thermal insulation and condensation prevention materials;
  • Other areas with high requirements for packaging, which require both environmental protection and barrier and cushioning properties.