Absorbent paperboard, also known as water-absorbent paper, is a special-purpose, high-grade paperboard, whose main feature is good moisture absorption and permeability. This type of paper is different from conventional paperboard, which focuses on higher stiffness, smoothness, and breaking strength, while absorbent paperboard enhances the ability to absorb and diffuse moisture while maintaining a certain degree of hardness.


  1. Highly absorbent: Absorbent paperboard adopts special manufacturing process and fiber structure design, which makes it possess extremely high-water absorption performance, able to absorb and lock moisture quickly, and is often used in occasions where moisture absorption or liquid management is required.
  2. Soft texture and good toughness: Although called "cardboard", absorbent paperboard guarantees a certain degree of structural strength at the same time, but the texture is relatively soft and tough to adapt to different use environments and requirements.
  3. Dust-free or low-dust characteristics: some high-grade absorbent paperboard in the production process to strictly control the generation of dust, suitable for clean environments in the liquid absorption purposes, such as laboratories, medical equipment packaging.
  4. Eco-friendly and safe: High quality absorbent paperboard is made from environmentally friendly pulp fiber raw materials, which do not contain chemicals harmful to human body, ensuring safety in the process of use.
  5. Breathability: In addition to strong water absorption, it also has a certain degree of breathability, which helps the uniform distribution and evaporation of moisture to avoid excessive local humidity.


  • Laboratory applications: Absorbent paperboard is widely used in laboratories as absorbent pads, bottom liner for sample trays, and absorbent tools for laboratory instruments after cleaning.
  • Children's toys and children's books: Children's toys and children's books are made of absorbent paperboard to prevent children from chewing on them.
  • medical field: in medical equipment and pharmaceutical packaging, absorbent paperboard can be used as moisture-proof, leakage-proof inner packaging materials, to prevent moisture or liquid leakage of the device.
  • Horticulture and agriculture: as the bottom layer of seedling trays, absorbent paperboard can effectively maintain the humidity conditions required for plant growth.
  • Food Packaging: In specific food packaging, such as the transport packaging of fresh meat, fruit and vegetable products, absorbent paperboard can be used to absorb excess moisture and prolong product freshness.