Coated duplex board with grey back is a kind of paperboard specially used for packaging printing, its structure features a white coating layer on one side and a grey base layer on the other side. The white side is coated with kaolin powder, binder and other chemical materials, with high whiteness and smoothness, suitable for high-quality color printing; while the grey backing layer is usually processed from recycled wastepaper pulp using deinking technology, with a rougher texture.


  1. excellent surface properties: good ink absorption, smoothness, and printing gloss due to fine coating and multi-roll calendering of the surface.
  2. High structural strength: the board itself has high stiffness and folding resistance, ensuring stability and protection during packaging and transport.
  3. Cost-effectiveness: The use of recycled fibres as part of the raw material is both environmentally friendly and reduces production costs.
  4. Various grades: according to different quality and grammage, grey-backed white board is divided into several grades (such as Grade A, B, C, etc.), which meets different levels of market demand.


  • Packaging: Mainly used for making all kinds of medium and high-grade commodity packaging boxes, such as electronic product packaging, cosmetic packaging, food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, etc., especially for occasions that require one-side printing, and the back side does not need to be displayed.
  • Handbags and gift bags: commonly used in the manufacture of handbags and gift boxes in the handle part, to provide a certain weight-bearing capacity and aesthetic effect.
  • Corrugated Box Lamination: After printing directly on grey-backed white board paper, it is combined with corrugated paper to make outer packaging boxes for large or heavy products.