Cast coated paper
  • Grammage: 51gsm

Cast coated paper, also known as coated paper or pre-coated paper, is a speciality paper designed for subsequent processing - i.e. the cast coating process. It is used as a base material in the paper industry and undergoes a special surface treatment to enhance its absorbency and smoothness. Subsequently, one or more layers of coatings (usually containing pigments, adhesives, and other additives) are applied to this paper through the cast coating process to enhance the paper's gloss, whiteness, smoothness, and printability. This process not only improves the paper's appearance, but also greatly expands its range of applications in high-end printing, packaging and labelling.


  1. High absorbency: cast coated paper has good liquid absorbency, which enables it to absorb the coating quickly and evenly, ensuring a flat and even coating.
  2. High strength: in order to withstand the subsequent cast coating process of mechanical tension and wet weight test, cast coated paper needs to have high physical strength, including tear, folding resistance and tensile strength.
  3. Surface smoothness: The surface of the paper should be smooth and free of visible impurities and holes to provide the basis for a high-quality coated surface.
  4. Chemical stability: the raw paper needs to have good chemical stability to prevent adverse reactions with the coating components during the coating process.
  5. Wide adaptability: it can be applied to many types of coatings and different processing conditions to meet the specific needs of different end products.


  • High-quality printing: such as art books, high-grade magazines, catalogues and brochures, etc., which require bright colours, clear images and delicate touch.
  • Packaging materials: especially those high-end product packages that require good display and strong protection, such as cosmetic boxes, fine gift boxes, tobacco packaging, etc.
  • labels and stickers: high-grade label paper requiring waterproof, oil-proof and wear-resistant, such as wine labels, food labels, medicine labels, etc.
  • advertising posters: outdoor advertising, indoor display posters, etc., which require good colour saturation and durability even under strong light.
  • Decorative materials: used in the production of wallpaper, album pages, artwork reproduction, etc., the need for a high degree of simulation and aesthetic effect of the occasion.