Siliconized glassine paper
  • Grammage: 40gsm, 50gsm
  • Color: white, yellow

Siliconized glassine paper is a kind of special paper coated with a uniform silicone oil barrier layer on a high-quality glassine paper substrate. While the glassine paper itself is known for its high strength, high air permeability, good smoothness and high temperature resistance, the silicone oil coating makes the surface even smoother and provides excellent anti-adhesive properties. This material plays an important role in many industrial and everyday applications that require anti-adhesive treatment.


  1. Excellent anti-adhesion: Silicone oil coating provides an excellent anti-adhesive surface, which makes it difficult for any sticky substances (e.g. glues, adhesives) to remain on the surface, making it easy to peel off.
  2. High Strength and Toughness: The base material, Glassine paper, has high tensile and tear strengths and remains intact even during complex or high-intensity processing.
  3. Smoothness and Uniformity: Smooth surface and uniform distribution of silicone oil coating ensures consistency and reliability during use.
  4. High temperature resistance: able to withstand certain high temperature processing, suitable for processes that require heating or baking.
  5. Breathability and translucency: according to the needs, you can choose siliconized glassine paper with breathable or semi-transparent characteristics, suitable for specific application scenarios.
  6. Easy processing: It can be easily cut, folded, punched and processed to meet the needs of different applications.


  1. Label and sticker manufacturing: as a backing paper for self-adhesive labels, it is easy to peel and apply labels, and is widely used in logistics, packaging, supermarket price labels and other fields.
  2. Electronics assembly: used in the protection and separation of electronic components, such as anti-adhesive protection in the circuit board manufacturing process, as well as temporary fixation of various film products.
  3. food packaging: used in baking paper, baking tray paper, etc., because of its high temperature resistance and anti-adhesive properties, ideal for direct contact with food, to ensure food safety and hygiene.
  4. medical health: making isolation and protection materials for medical appliances, such as disposable surgical pads and backing paper for medical tapes, etc., to ensure a sterile environment.
  5. Advertising printing and art creation: as transfer paper or protective film, used in heat transfer printing, screen printing and other industries, as well as painting, handicrafts production in the protection and separation materials.