Dowling paper
  • Grammage: 40gsm-160gsm
  • Size:
    • Sheet: Positive and large size paper
    • Rolls: Customized
  • Surface: glossy, matt

Dowling paper is one kind of offset paper, dedicated to the inner pages of notebooks, the appearance of cream colour, is a high-grade booklet printing paper.


  1. Small expansion: Dowlin paper has good dimensional stability and is not easy to shrink or expand significantly due to changes in environmental humidity.
  2. Good printing effect: the paper has strong and uniform ink absorption, which makes the printing graphics clear and full of colour.
  3. High smoothness: smooth and even surface, delicate paper, soft and delicate touch.
  4. Compact and opaque texture: compact structure, thicker paper, double-sided printing on the back will not be through the print, to ensure that the content is clearly visible.
  5. Good whiteness: milky white, white colour, non-smooth and non-reflective.
  6. Strong water resistance: it has good waterproof performance, especially for offset printing, it can reduce the deformation and deinking problems caused by water absorption of paper.


  • Dowlin paper is mainly used in medium and high-end colour printing products, such as books, notebook inserts, magazines, picture albums, maps, etc.
  • Due to its excellent printability and durability, it is also commonly used to produce high-quality reports, brochures, catalogues and other professional publications that require the display of fine graphics.
  • In addition, because of its high physical strength and durability, it is also suitable for printing and reproducing all types of archival documents, certificates, contracts, and other long-term preservation documents.