Blister PC film is a thin plastic product made from Polycarbonate (PC) material through the blister moulding process. Blister moulding is a technology for manufacturing hollow plastic parts, and its basic process includes heating and softening the film material, placing it in a mould, making the film adhere to the surface of the mould through vacuum or compressed air, and obtaining the required shape and size of the plastic product after cooling and shaping. Blister PC film is the use of this technology, the PC raw material into a certain thickness, good flexibility and plasticity of the film, and then through the blister moulding equipment will be shaped into a variety of complex shapes of three-dimensional structure.


  1. excellent physical properties: blister PC film inherits a series of excellent characteristics of polycarbonate materials, such as high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance, so that it can withstand greater external forces after moulding and not easy to rupture, suitable for the production of mechanical strength of the higher requirements of the parts.
  2. Good transparency and light diffusion: PC film itself has a very high degree of transparency, light transmittance of up to 90% or more, for the need to show the internal structure or pass the light of the occasion is particularly suitable. At the same time, blister PC film can be specially treated to achieve light diffusion effect, used for lighting equipment diffuser or decorative lamps.
  3. Temperature resistance and environmental adaptability: PC film has good heat resistance and low temperature resistance, can maintain stable mechanical properties in a wide temperature range of -60 ~ 120 ℃, is not easy due to temperature changes and significant deformation. In addition, it also has good weather resistance, can resist ultraviolet radiation, suitable for outdoor or extreme environmental applications.
  4. Excellent flame retardancy: Blister PC films usually have good flame retardancy properties and comply with various industry safety standards, and are commonly used in electrical and electronic equipment, building interiors, and vehicles that require fire retardancy.
  5. Forming versatility and design freedom: The blister moulding process gives PC film a high degree of forming flexibility, allowing it to produce a wide range of complex curved surfaces and fine structures to meet the needs of different product designs. This characteristic makes the blister moulding PC film widely used in automotive parts, electronic product shells, medical equipment components, advertising signs and so on.
  6. Convenient and economical processing: Compared with other moulding methods such as injection moulding, blister moulding process has lower cost, shorter production cycle, and relatively simple requirements for moulds, which is conducive to rapid response to changes in market demand and achieve small batch customized production.


  1. Electrical and electronic industry: Blister PC film is often used to manufacture insulating parts of electronic equipment, protective cover, display bezel, keyboard film, battery cover, etc., thanks to its good insulation, flame retardancy and moulding accuracy.
  2. automotive industry: in the automotive field, blister PC film can be used to make lamp lenses, interior parts (such as instrument panels, air conditioning vents, sun visors, etc.), exterior decorative parts, and lightweight structural parts, which not only meets the requirements of the car for aesthetics, functionality, and safety, but also achieves the goal of weight reduction.
  3. Lighting Appliances: As a lampshade material, blister PC film not only provides transparency or light diffusion effect, but also ensures the stability of the lamps under high-temperature working conditions and meets the fire code requirements.
  4. Architecture and decoration: In the construction industry, blister PC film can be used to make light roofs, soundproof walls, partitions, signage and identification, etc., to enhance the sense of spatial design with its excellent weather resistance, transparency and modelling ability.
  5. Packaging and display: For the packaging of high-grade commodities or exhibit protection, transparent or colourful packaging shells and trays made of blister PC film can provide both good visual display effects and adequate physical protection.
  6. Medical equipment: In the medical field, blister PC film can be used to make medical equipment shells, diagnostic equipment panels, single-use consumables packaging, etc. Its non-toxic, disinfectant-resistant, easy-to-clean characteristics meet the strict standards of the medical industry.