Electronic PC film, known as Polycarbonate (PC) film for electronics, is a high-performance plastic film material designed and manufactured specifically for the electronics industry. As a thermoplastic engineering plastic with unique chemical structure and physical properties, polycarbonate is processed into film form to meet the specific requirements for insulation, protection, optical and mechanical properties of electronic devices and components. Electronic PC films are produced by precision extrusion or calendering of polycarbonate resins with specific surface treatments and modification processes to obtain film products adapted to a wide range of electronic application environments.


  1. excellent physical properties: electronic PC film has high strength, high toughness, high impact resistance, can effectively resist the mechanical stress that may be encountered in the process of use, to protect the internal electronic components from damage.
  2. Transparency and optical properties: Transparent electronic PC film has a very high light transmittance and excellent optical uniformity, suitable for applications that require clear visual effects or light transmission requirements, such as displays, touch screens, lighting components of the cover material.
  3. Electrical insulation properties: excellent electrical insulation properties, including high dielectric strength, low dielectric constant and low dielectric loss, can effectively prevent charge leakage, short circuit and arc discharge, to ensure the safe operation of electronic equipment.
  4. Thermal stability and temperature resistance: with a high glass transition temperature and continuous use of the temperature range, can maintain its mechanical and electrical properties stable in a wide range of temperatures, suitable for high-temperature working environment or need to be assembled through the high-temperature assembly process of electronic devices.
  5. Weather resistance and environmental adaptability: good resistance to ultraviolet rays, humidity, chemicals and other environmental factors, long-term use is not easy to discolouration, yellowing, embrittlement, to ensure the reliability and service life of the electronic equipment in the outdoor or harsh environments.
  6. Diversity of surface treatment: anti-glare, anti-static, anti-scratch, anti-fingerprint and other surface treatments can be carried out according to specific application requirements, or printing, coating and other secondary processing to enhance its functionality or aesthetics.


With its comprehensive advantages, electronic PC film is widely used in many electronic related fields:

  1. Electronic component encapsulation and insulation: as encapsulation materials for electronic components, integrated circuits, connectors, etc., providing insulation protection and mechanical support against short circuits and environmental influences.
  2. Display technology: Used in front cover plate, polariser, diffuser, reflector and other optical components of display devices such as liquid crystal display (LCD), organic light-emitting diode (OLED) screen, touch screen, etc., to provide transparent protection and optical function.
  3. Consumer electronics: As the material for the shell, windows, buttons, touch panels and other parts of consumer electronics such as mobile phones, tablet PCs, laptops, TVs, game consoles, etc., it provides appearance beautification, impact protection and wear-resistant performance.
  4. automotive electronics: applied to automotive instrument panels, car displays, navigation systems, mirrors, interior lampshades, charging piles and other automotive electronic equipment, to meet the automotive industry's stringent safety standards and environmental resistance requirements.
  5. New energy batteries: used as diaphragm, encapsulation material or electrode support in new energy batteries such as lithium-ion batteries, fuel cells, etc., to ensure the safe operation of the battery and efficient energy transmission.
  6. communication equipment: in communication base stations, routers, switches and other communication equipment, used in circuit board insulation, shell protection, fibre optic connectors and other parts, to provide reliable electrical isolation and environmental protection.
  7. Industrial control and instrumentation: used in all kinds of industrial automation equipment, measuring instruments, sensors, panels, windows, insulating gaskets, etc., to provide a clear observation interface and good insulation protection.