Biodegradable fresh absorbent pads are an advanced environmentally friendly packaging technology product specially designed to meet the needs of fresh food for moisture retention and fresh preservation during storage and transport. With biodegradable materials as the core, these absorbent pads can be degraded into naturally acceptable components under appropriate conditions after they have fulfilled their fresh preservation function, greatly reducing the negative impact on the ecosystem, and embodying the core values of circular economy and sustainable packaging.

Biodegradable fresh absorbent pads are mainly manufactured from raw materials of biological origin, such as modified starch, bio-polyester (e.g. PLA, PHA), biodegradable polymers (e.g. PBAT), etc., which can be decomposed by microorganisms into water, carbon dioxide, and organic substances under specific biological or chemical conditions.


  1. Highly efficient moisture absorption: With excellent moisture absorption and water locking performance, it can quickly adsorb and fix the excess water and juice released by fresh products such as fruits and vegetables, meat, seafood, etc., keep the internal environment of the package dry, effectively inhibit microbial reproduction and food deterioration, and prolong the fresh period of fresh food.
  2. Fully biodegradable: different from the traditional non-biodegradable absorbent pads, biodegradable freshwater absorbent pads can be completely biodegraded by microorganisms in industrial composting environment or suitable soil environment for a period of time after use and disposal, which avoids the problem of plastic pollution in the environment for a long period of time.
  3. Green: By replacing petroleum-based plastic products, it significantly reduces carbon emissions and environmental pollution, responds to the international community's initiative to reduce single-use plastic products, and supports green consumption and sustainable development.
  4. Food safety certification: The production process ensures that there is no residue of toxic or harmful substances, and direct contact with food will not cause contamination, in line with food safety standards, so that consumers can eat with peace of mind.
  5. Flexible structure and multi-functionality: the absorbent mat material is light and flexible, which not only prevents surface abrasion of fruits and vegetables, but also can be cut and adapted according to different fresh food forms and packaging sizes, providing personalized fresh preservation solutions.


  • Biodegradable fresh absorbent pads are widely used in a variety of fields, including but not limited to supermarket retailing, cold chain logistics, e-commerce distribution, food service industry, and daily household use. Whether it is finely packaged fruits and vegetables, or meat and seafood that need to be kept fresh, these absorbent pads can be configured to improve storage and transport conditions and enhance food fresh and quality.