• Grammage: 170gsm-400gsm
  • Size
    • Sheet
    • Rolls

Folding box board(FBB-GC1, cardboard paper) is a single- or multi-layer bond paper made entirely from wood pulp, usually grammage (weight per square meter) at 150 grams or more. It has a high density and flatness, a white and uniform surface, a tight internal structure and a large thickness.


  1. Color and whiteness: The whiteness of white cardboard is required to be high, and there are clear whiteness standards for different grades of white cardboard, for example, the whiteness of A grade white cardboard is not less than 92%.
  2. Physical properties: White cardboard has excellent stiffness and breaking strength, i.e. it is not easy to be deformed, cracked or perforated, which makes it suitable for making prints and packaging materials that need to be supportive and long-lasting.
  3. Surface quality: Extremely smooth, it provides good printing effects, with both text and images clearly rendered; at the same time, it has a good gloss, which is particularly suitable for printed materials that need to show a fine texture.
  4. Suitability: Due to its high strength and hard texture, white cardboard is suitable for a wide range of uses that require strong support and a flat appearance.


  • Printed products: business cards, certificates, invitations, covers, postcards, calendars and other high-grade printed materials.
  • Packaging materials: high-grade gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, medicine boxes, cigarette boxes, wine boxes and other products' outer packaging.
  • Display materials: POP billboards, menus, signs, labels and other commercial display items.
  • Other uses: also used to make all kinds of cards, game cards, folders, notebook covers, and some special industrial uses.