• Grammage: 190-380gsm
  • High bulk with cream back 

FBB-GC2(Folding box board GC2) is a specialty paperboard with a high bulk and excellent physical properties, known for its high strength, high density, high whiteness, and good surface properties. FBB-GC2 has a relatively low weight but achieves a high thickness and strength, which effectively improves the space utilization of the paper and ensures good rigidity and stiffness.


  1. High Strength and Breakage Resistance: FBB-GC2 has very high stiffness and breakage resistance, even if the thickness is large, but also maintains the good toughness and stability of the paper, suitable to produce structural parts need to withstand a certain amount of pressure and weight.
  2. Food grade safety: FBB-GC2 does not contain harmful chemicals, especially do not use fluorescent whitening agents, can be used in direct contact with food packaging safety.
  3. excellent smoothness and printing adaptability: after coated process, the surface smoothness is very high, suitable for high-precision printing, can achieve rich color performance and clear graphic printing effect.
  4. Environmental characteristics: usually made of high-quality virgin fiber raw materials, its production process focuses on environmental control, the finished product has a high degree of recyclability and sustainability.
  5. Natural whiteness: Compared with conventional white cardboard, FBB-GC2 may show a more natural yellowish, which is due to the avoidance of fluorescent whitening agents, and under blue light detection will show a more realistic paper color.


  • food packaging: in view of its excellent health and safety performance, FBB-GC2 is widely used in various types of food packaging, such as bakery pastry boxes, candy gift boxes, coffee boxes, etc. 
  • Luxury packaging: with its outstanding texture and visual effect, it is often used to make high-end gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, jewelry boxes, wine boxes, etc., to enhance the brand image and added value of products.
  • Cards and labels: Due to its hardness and non-deformation, it is also suitable for making high-quality business cards, hang tags, labels, and various certificate covers.
  • Handbags and displays: It can provide strong and durable support when making handbags, and in the field of commercial displays, FBB-GC2 is also used to make display racks, POP billboards and other display equipment.