art board
  • Grammage: 210gsm-400gsm
  • Size: sheet or roll
  • Glossiness: high-gloss, matt
  • Coating: single-sided coated, double-sided coated

Art board refers to high grammage art paper, similar to FBB,generally with a grammage of 170-400gsm, which is a kind of paper with high printing quality and smoothness. It is a paper with high print quality and smoothness. It is coated with a very thin layer of white coating (mainly consisting of enamel and adhesive, etc.), and then super-calendered on top of the coating layer, resulting in a mirror-smooth, high-gloss surface.


  1. High gloss: the surface of the coated cardboard is extremely smooth, allowing for very fine images and clear text.
  2. good gloss: after the coating and calendering process, it has a good light reflection effect, strong colour expression, especially suitable for colour printing.
  3. moderate thickness and firmness: thicker than ordinary writing paper, hardness, not easy to deformation, can provide a stable printing carrier, and in the production of cards or packaging to maintain the three-dimensional sense and stability.
  4. Excellent printing adaptability: uniform ink absorption, fast drying speed, strong colour reproduction, making the printing effect vivid and full.
  5. Excellent durability: due to the special material, coated cardboard has better abrasion and folding resistance.
    • It is mainly used for high quality printing products, such as high-end albums, magazine covers, product catalogues, advertising leaflets and so on.


  • It is also commonly used to make all kinds of business cards, including business cards, membership cards, invitations, gift cards and so on.
  • In the packaging industry, coated cardboard is widely used in the design of beautiful gift boxes, cosmetic boxes, electronic product boxes, etc., to increase the visual appeal and class of the products.