Copy paper(printer paper) is an wood pulp paper, a paper product designed and optimised for electrostatic copying technology with specific physico-chemical properties to ensure high quality image reproduction during electrostatic imaging printing and copying processes. Its characteristics and applications mainly include:


  1. anti-static treatment: although the name has "static", but the electrostatic copy paper has actually gone through a special anti-static treatment, to prevent the paper from excessive static charge in the process of high-speed movement and contact, so as to avoid the adsorption of dust and paper debris and reduce the phenomenon of paper jam.
  2. Moderate conductivity: electrostatic copy paper needs to have a certain degree of conductivity, so that in the copying process can be uniformly accepted and maintain the distribution of charge, the formation of a clear electrostatic latent image.
  3. high smoothness: smooth surface helps toner particles in the paper more evenly attached to improve the resolution and clarity of the image.
  4. Quantity and thickness of appropriate: usually quantitative in 70gsm or 80gsm, not only to ensure the strength of the paper, but also does not affect the photoconductor drum and fixing device through the smoothness of the device.
  5. 5. Stable moisture content: paper moisture content control within a certain range (such as 5 ± 0.5%) to ensure that the paper will not be curled and deformed due to changes in the environment, affecting the printing effect.


  • Office printing: widely used in black and white or color laser printers, copiers and MFPs in offices and business places.
  • Document reproduction: for large-scale document reproduction, contracts, reports, and other kinds of document production.
  • Graphic output: suitable for printing line drawings, photos and other image materials containing rich details.
  • Professional printing: Electrostatic copy paper is also frequently used in some small and rapid printing operations, such as short-run printing and digital quick printing.