Kraft liner, a high-quality packaging material, refers specifically to a type of paperboard that has been given a faceted treatment on the surface of the kraft liner. This treatment usually involves applying a thin layer of coating to the top or both sides of the original kraft liner, with the aim of improving the smoothness, print quality and overall appearance of the board, while retaining the original high strength and durability of kraft liner. Kraft liner is mainly used as the top paper of corrugated boxes, and combined with corrugated core paper, it forms a strong and durable packaging container, which is suitable for long-distance transport and protection of all kinds of products.


  1. Smooth surface: The smooth and even surface after the surface treatment improves the printability and aesthetics of the board, and makes the graphics and text presentation clearer and more distinctive.
  2. High strength and durability: Inheriting the excellent physical properties of kraft boxboard, it has high breaking resistance, ring compression strength and tear strength, which can effectively resist external impact and pressure and protect the contents.
  3. good waterproof and moisture resistance: hanging kraft containerboard often has a certain waterproof and moisture-proof treatment, can effectively resist the moisture and water that may be encountered in the transport process, prolonging the service life of the packaging.
  4. environmental protection and recycling: as a paper material, the hanging kraft boxboard supports recycling, in line with the trend of modern packaging environmental protection, reduce the impact on the environment.
  5. Customised options: Depending on the needs, facestacked Kraft liner board is available in different weights, colours and coating options to meet specific packaging design requirements.


  1. Heavy goods packaging: especially suitable for heavy or fragile goods such as electronic equipment, home appliances, furniture, auto parts, etc., providing reliable protection.
  2. food and beverage packaging: meet food safety standards, used for packaging all kinds of food and beverage, to protect the hygiene and safety of products during transport and storage.
  3. logistics and e-commerce industry: as the preferred packaging material for e-commerce and logistics industry, the carton made of hung kraft boxboard can effectively reduce the breakage rate in transport and improve customer satisfaction.
  4. retail display and promotion: in the retail environment, it is used for the outer packaging of commodities or as a promotional display box to attract customers' attention and enhance the brand image.
  5. Industrial Packaging: For industrial products such as chemical raw materials, construction materials, etc., the hanging kraft boxboard provides solid packaging solutions to ensure the safe transport of products under harsh conditions.