Thermal paper is a special type of processed paper that is coated with a thermally sensitive chemical coating that chemically reacts to change color when heated. This change is based on temperature and time, when the print head of a thermal printer is heated to a specific temperature in contact with the coating on the paper, the corresponding text or image will be generated.


  1. Instant color development: no need for ink or other chemicals, just heat for fast printing.
  2. Convenient and efficient: when using a thermal printer, it is easy to operate and low maintenance costs, low noise, and fast printing speed.
  3. thin and portable: thermal paper is usually thinner and lighter than ordinary paper, suitable for a variety of mobile devices and small machines.
  4. Clear record: the printout of the text or pattern is clearly visible, especially suitable for ticket printing such as cash registers print tickets, POS system bills, fax machines to receive documents.
  5. Storage limitations: thermal paper printed content due to environmental factors, such as prolonged exposure to high temperatures, strong light, may lead to fading or blurred handwriting, so the long-term preservation is relatively poor.


  • Commercial and retail industry: supermarket cash register slips, product labels, courier receipts, restaurant order forms, etc.
  • Financial industry: ATM machine transaction vouchers, bank counter business receipts, etc.
  • Medical industry: medical equipment printing results, such as electrocardiogram reports, blood test labels, etc.
  • Transportation industry: ticket and boarding pass printing in public transport ticketing system, etc.
  • Communication industry: fax paper used in fax machines.
  • Logistics and warehousing: inventory management labels, parcel tracking information labels, etc.