Kraft Board (Kraft Paperboard) is a paper made by the sulphate pulp process, is a high-strength, high-breakage-resistant packaging paper materials, because of its toughness similar to kraft paper characteristics and so named, but its thickness and strength far more than ordinary kraft paper. Kraft cardboard weight is generally more than 120g / square metre, widely used in the need for high-strength support or protection of the occasion.


  1. High strength: Kraft cardboard has very high breakage resistance, ring compression strength and tear degree, and can withstand greater pressure and impact.
  2. Water Resistance: It has good water resistance and wet strength, and can maintain good stability even in a humid environment.
  3. environmental protection and durability: the raw material mainly comes from wood, and the special pulping process ensures the toughness and long service life of the paper.
  4. Variety of surface treatments: Depending on the requirements, kraft cardboard can have an uncoated rough surface, or it can be coated on one or more sides to enhance the printing effect and aesthetics.


  • Corrugated box manufacturing: as the top layer of corrugated board, it is used to make high-quality, strong load-bearing cartons, suitable for all kinds of industrial products and logistics and transport packaging.
  • High-end packaging: coated kraft cardboard can be used to produce exquisite commodity packaging boxes, gift boxes, etc., to meet high-quality printing and appearance requirements.
  • Cushioning material: It can be used as lining or cushioning in the packaging of heavy items, providing good anti-shock protection.
  • Other uses: It can also be used to make paper tube cores, hang tags, labels, paper bags and various paper products for industrial use, such as paper corner protectors.