Water-based coated aluminium foil pans(aluminium foil containers, aluminium foil trays) are a kind of food packaging containers with special treatment based on traditional aluminium foil material, and its core process is to coat the inner wall of aluminium foil with an environmentally friendly water-based coating. This coating not only effectively improves the safety and compatibility of the aluminium foil in contact with food and prevents aluminium ions from migrating into the food, but also enhances the oil and waterproof performance of the aluminium foil pans and improves its adaptability to different food packaging needs.


  1. Safe and non-toxic: the aqueous coating is made from food-safe raw materials, with no precipitation of harmful substances, ensuring the safety of direct food contact and meeting strict food safety regulations.
  2. Excellent adhesion and temperature resistance: the coating has excellent adhesion to the aluminium foil substrate and can withstand extreme temperature changes, whether frozen or heated (e.g. microwave, steamer or oven) without peeling or delamination.
  3. Oil- and water-resistant: The water-based coating can form a dense protective layer, effectively preventing the penetration of grease and moisture, ensuring the freshness and taste of the food, and at the same time, easy to clean and reuse.
  4. Environmentally sustainable: Compared with traditional solvent-based coatings, water-based coatings emit fewer volatile organic compounds (VOCs) during production and use, which is more conducive to environmental protection and sustainable development.
  5. Versatility: Water-based coated aluminium foil pans can be used for both disposable ready-to-eat food packaging and long-term food storage, making them particularly suitable for airline catering, takeaway packing, home cooking and picnic travel.


Due to its excellent performance, water-based coated aluminium foil pans is widely used in many fields:

  • Catering service industry: These containers are widely used by restaurants, hotels and fast food shops as packing boxes to ensure the quality of food and enhance the brand image at the same time.
  • Airline catering: Airline meal boxes are generally required to have high hygiene standards and durability, water-based coated aluminium foil meal boxes can maintain structural stability under high-temperature disinfection through high-tech surface treatment to ensure the safety of passengers' diets.
  • Takeaway market: With the booming development of online food ordering industry, more and more high-quality takeaways are choosing this type of pans, which can maintain the heat and original flavour of the food, and is also good for the environment.
  • Medical and Emergency Rescue: In specific environments, such as hospital meal preparation and emergency rescue supplies, the efficient heat preservation, anti-bacterial and anti-corrosion properties of water-based coated aluminium foil pans and their lightweight and easy-to-carry characteristics are particularly important.