Water-based coated paper placemats are a kind of paper liner specially applied to customers in the catering industry when dining, its core feature is that the surface has been treated with a special water-based coating. This type of paper placemats is based on the traditional paper placemats, coated and processed by environmentally friendly and non-toxic water-based coatings to form a protective layer with special functions. This coating not only enhances the practical performance of the paper placemats, but also enhances its visual effect and usage experience.


  1. Environmentally friendly and safe: Water-based coating uses water as the main solvent, compared with traditional oil-based coatings, it has a low content of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which is more friendly to human beings and the environment.
  2. Grease and waterproof: The water-based coating gives the paper placemats excellent grease and waterproof performance, making the matting able to effectively block food grease and water penetration, keeping the plate clean and preventing contamination caused by direct contact with grease on the table.
  3. heat and wear resistance: the water-based coating treatment of the paper placemats can withstand a certain high temperature, to prevent deformation or melting of the paper placemats due to hot food, and increase the wear resistance of the paper placemats to extend its service life.
  4. Printing adaptability: water-based coating is conducive to printing graphics, bright colours and not easy to fall off, often used for custom corporate LOGO, advertising or other personalized design, both practical and brand marketing functions.


  • Catering: Widely used in fast food shops, restaurants, cafes and other catering venues, placed at the bottom of the plate, which not only ensures food hygiene, but also enhances the customer's dining experience.
  • Events and banquets: In organising various banquets, parties or commercial activities, water-based coated paper placemats with customised patterns can showcase the brand image of the organiser or the theme of the event.
  • Take-away packaging: In take-away packaging, this paper placemats can isolate the food from the container, avoiding grease and soup leakage, and ensuring that the food arrives in a neat and tidy condition.
  • Marketing: As a cost-effective advertising medium, merchants can print promotional information or new product introductions on the paper placemats to achieve interaction and information transfer with consumers.