Water-based coated paper lunch boxes are disposable or recyclable food packaging containers made from food-grade white cardboard as the base material, with a special water-based coating applied to its surface by modern water-based coating technology. The coating is usually based on a mixture of water-soluble resins and other additives, and is designed to improve the water and oil resistance of the carton, enabling it to meet different food packaging needs while maintaining high environmental standards.


  1. Environmentally friendly characteristics:
    • Recyclability: After use, the coated portion of the water-based coated paper lunch box can be re-pulped together with the pulp to achieve recyclability and reuse, greatly reducing the burden on the environment, which is a major advancement compared to the traditional laminated paper or plastic lunch boxes.
    • Eco-friendliness: Water-based coatings release low levels of VOCs (volatile organic compounds) during production and use, which helps to improve air quality and reduce environmental stress.
  2. Food safety:
    • Non-toxic: water-based coatings have been rigorously tested to meet the safety standards for food contact materials, and are non-toxic and non-hazardous, which will not affect food quality or pose a potential threat to human health.
    • Durability: The water-based coating gives the paper lunch box a certain degree of oil and water resistance, making the lunch box suitable for hot and cold beverages and a variety of food products, even in a humid environment can maintain a better form of stability.
  3. Light weight and convenience:
    • Water-based coated paper lunchboxes are lightweight, easy to carry and transport, and also facilitate composting and degradation, especially after the completion of the service life of the box, it can be in accordance with the relevant guidelines for biodegradation or energy recovery.


  • Catering industry: fast food shops, cafes, restaurants and other widely used water-based coated paper lunch boxes as takeaway packaging containers, not only to meet the customer's requirements for hygiene and convenience, but also reflects the business responsibility for environmental protection.
  • Public institutions and activities: schools, enterprises and institutions canteens, large-scale conferences, events and gatherings use water-based coated paper lunch boxes to replace non-biodegradable tableware, to promote the popularity of the concept of green environmental protection and practice.
  • Retail market: pre-packaged food sold in supermarkets and convenience stores have also begun to use such lunch boxes, especially those brands that emphasise nature and health, and strive to reflect the environmental attributes of their products from the source of packaging.