Silicone-coated barrier paper, also known as silicone oil paper or anti-adhesive paper, is a high-performance packaging material formed by applying a silicone coating to the surface of ordinary paper or film through a special process. This coating gives the paper significant non-stick and hydrophobic and oleophobic properties, which gives it good barrier properties and can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture, grease, and other specific substances.


  1. High Temperature Resistance: Silicone coated paper can remain stable in higher temperature environments and is suitable for packaging of products that require thermal processing or autoclaving.
  2. Moisture and oil resistance: The silicone oil layer forms an effective physical barrier against moisture and oil on the package contents, thus protecting food, electronic components or other sensitive items from moisture and oil erosion.
  3. Non-adhesion: Due to the properties of silicone oils, silicone coated paper does not adhere to most substances, making it easy to peel and use the product, especially for mold release and separation in baking, confectionery manufacturing, and other industries.
  4. Chemical Stability: Silicone coated paper has good resistance to many chemicals, which reduces the risk of reaction with possible chemical components in the package.
  5. Environmental protection and safety: Silicone coated paper that meets food safety standards can be used in food contact areas, is non-toxic, odorless, harmless to human health and relatively easy to recycle.


  • Food packaging: such as baking paper, candy wrappers, segregated packaging for meat and cooked food, etc., which not only ensures the freshness of food, but also facilitates consumers to take out and consume.
  • Electronic product packaging: in the packaging of electronic components and precision equipment, silicone coated paper can be used as a dust-proof, anti-static, moisture-proof lining material.
  • Healthcare industry: medical dressings, pharmaceutical packaging, and other fields to ensure a sterile environment and avoid cross-contamination.
  • Industrial applications: automotive foam, release paper in the production of adhesive tapes, as well as a variety of prepreg composite materials in the production process, silicone coated paper plays a role in isolation and protection.
  • Other: It can also be applied to label backing paper, anti-adhesive liner paper in the printing industry, gift packaging and many other aspects.