Water-based coated paper cups are environmentally friendly paper containers that use water-based coatings for surface treatment. While traditional paper cups usually use plastic film (i.e. lamination) for the inner layer to achieve water and oil resistance, water-based coated paper cups are coated with water-based acrylic emulsion or other water-based resin-based coating materials, which are uniformly coated on the surface of the paper through a precision coating process to form a layer of protective layer with excellent barrier properties. This technology effectively replaces the non-degradable plastic lamination, thus significantly improving the recyclability and environmental performance of paper cups.


  1. Environmental performance: water-based coating contains no or very little harmful chemicals, and since its main solvent is water, VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) emissions during production and use are greatly reduced, which helps to protect the environment.
  2. Recycling and reuse: Since the water-based coating does not contain plastic, it is easy to decompose, which makes the paper cups able to be recycled under appropriate conditions, and can be further processed into pulp for the production of recycled paper products, in line with the concept of circular economy.
  3. Food safety: waterborne coatings used for food contact applications must meet strict food safety standards, such as non-toxic, odorless, to ensure that no migration of hazardous substances, to protect the health and safety of consumers.
  4. Excellent physical properties: the water-based coating gives paper cups a good oil and waterproof effect, which can effectively prevent the penetration of hot or cold drinks, keep the structure of paper cups stable, enhance the temperature resistance, and extend the service life.


  • water-based coated paper cups are widely used in the catering industry, especially in fast food service, coffee shops, offices and various occasions at home, as disposable or limited recycling beverage containers.