Gable top base board is a premium food packaging paper specially designed to produce gable top packaging. This type of packaging is named after the opening at the gable top, and is widely used for packaging liquid food products, especially dairy products (e.g. milk). Gable top are composite materials that have undergone a special process, usually consisting of high-quality base paper laminated with other functional materials.


  1. Environmental protection characteristics: gable top base board is made from wood pulp as the main raw material, without adding fluorescent whitening agents and other harmful chemical substances to ensure the safety of food contact, and at the same time, because of its recyclable characteristics, it is in line with the modern concept of environmental protection.
  2. Physical properties:
    • Good mechanical strength and flexibility, even if the thickness is small, it can keep not easy to break, adapt to various pressure changes in the packaging and transport process.
    • Good anti-static properties, reduce the problems caused by static electricity accumulation, improve productivity and safety.
    • Strong corrosion resistance, can effectively resist the influence of the external environment on the internal food, extend the shelf life of the product.
  3. Functional composability: Gable top base board is often combined with other materials through composite technology to form a high barrier packaging material that can block oxygen, moisture, and other contaminants, which is essential to ensure the freshness of liquid food.
  4. Hygienic standards: Comply with national food safety regulations and international standards to ensure that the products are non-toxic, harmless, and meet the requirements of food-grade packaging materials.


Gable top base board is widely used in the food packaging industry, especially in the packaging of liquid dairy products, such as milk, yoghurt, fruit juice and so on. The main applications are as follows:

  • Freshness packaging: with its excellent sealing and freshness preservation properties, roof packs enable the food encapsulated in them to remain fresh for a longer period, which greatly enhances the shelf life of the food.
  • Convenient Consumption: Gable top are easy to open and convenient to carry, which is suitable for modern fast-paced life under the consumer demand.
  • Brand display: As the base board of gable top can be combined with the printing process, the packaging appearance is designed in various ways, which helps to enhance the brand image and market competitiveness.