PP coated barrier paper

Base paper: paper or paperboard, 30- 350gsm

Coating grammage: 3-20gsm

PP coated barrier paper is a packaging material made by coated polypropylene (PP) with paper through the coating process. This composite material combines the advantages of paper and plastic and has excellent barrier properties, which can effectively prevent the penetration of moisture, grease, and oxygen, thus protecting the freshness and quality of the food, medicine or other items inside the package.


  1. High barrier: PP film itself has excellent barrier properties, which can effectively prevent moisture and oxygen from penetrating, and can prevent grease and oil, which can extend the shelf life of the product.
  2. Food safety: PP material is food grade, non-toxic and odourless, it meets the requirements of relevant food safety regulations and can be used in direct contact with food to ensure consumer safety.
  3. Heat and Freeze Resistant: PP lamination paper is microwave heat resistant and can be placed directly into the microwave oven for heating and is also suitable for deep freezing.
  4. Environmentally friendly and recyclable: despite being a composite material, PP liner is still recyclable and environmentally friendly to a certain extent, which is in line with the trend of pursuing sustainable development in the modern packaging industry.
  5. Convenient processing: PP lamination paper is easy to print, cut and heat seal, suitable for automated high-speed production lines, greatly improving production efficiency.


  • Food packaging: cups and trays for microwave-heated and frozen foods, also used for heating pre-prepared and semi-pre-prepared foods, such as fast-food containers, baked food packaging, frozen food packaging, etc.
  • Pharmaceutical packaging: pharmaceutical supplies, health care products, medical equipment and other products sensitive to the external environment packaging.
  • Other fields: gift packaging, industrial packaging, moisture-proof label backing paper, etc. Any packaging occasions that require water and oil resistance, keeping dry or oxygen barrier function may use PP lamination barrier paper.