PE coated barrier paper

Base paper: paper or paperboard, 30- 350gsm

Coating grammage: 5-20gsm

PE coated barrier paper, also known as high barrier PE coated paper, is a kind of composite packaging material with special properties. This paper is formed by uniformly hot-melting and coating polyethylene (PE) film onto the paper surface to enhance the original physical and functional properties of the paper.


  1. Enhanced barrier properties: The PE lamination layer significantly improves the paper's barrier properties against water vapor, grease and other liquids, preventing infiltration or absorption of the contents and maintaining product freshness and quality.
  2. Oil and waterproof: Due to the characteristics of PE material itself, the lamination paper can effectively prevent moisture and grease from penetrating, which is suitable for packaging products that are susceptible to moisture and grease contamination.
  3. Environmental protection and safety: Although the plastic coating is added, it still has the advantage of degradability and certain environmental protection compared with the all-plastic packaging, and at the same time it meets the food safety standards, is non-toxic and odorless, and is suitable for food-contact use.
  4. Good mechanical properties: The lamination process enhances the tensile strength, tear resistance and abrasion resistance of the paper, making it more durable during processing and use.
  5. Heat sealing performance: PE laminating paper has good heat-sealing performance, which can be convenient for sealing, bag making and other operations.


  • Food packaging: such as fast-food boxes, hamburger packaging, coffee cups, tea bags outer packaging, frozen food packaging, bakery products packaging.
  • Pharmaceutical packaging: drug packaging bags, medical consumables packaging and other fields, the requirements of asepsis, moisture-proof, oxygen barrier.
  • Industrial packaging: chemical packaging, electronic component packaging, etc., need to prevent products from moisture or chemical erosion.
  • Other fields: gift packaging, flower packaging, and liner packaging for all kinds of commodities, etc., utilizing its moisture-proof, dust-proof and protective effects.