PLA coated barrier paper

Base paper: paper or paperboard, 30- 350gsm

Coating grammage: 5-20gsm

PLA coated barrier paper is a new type of environmentally friendly packaging material made by evenly coating PLA particles in the molten state on the surface of paper to form a thin film, which is tightly bonded to the paper to create a composite material. Because PLA has good barrier properties, preventing moisture and grease penetration, and is also biodegradable and sustainable, it is often used as a replacement for traditional plastic laminated paper, especially for disposable food packaging and food service applications.


  1. Biodegradability: PLA liner can biodegrade under certain conditions, which is in line with the concept of environmental protection and helps to reduce environmental pollution.
  2. Barrier performance: It can provide excellent waterproof, oilproof and a certain degree of gas barrier function to protect the quality of the products inside the package.
  3. Food safety: PLA is a non-toxic, odourless, bio-based material with a high level of safety, suitable for direct contact with food packaging.
  4. Thermal stability: Although PLA is not as heat resistant as some traditional plastics, it meets the needs of most hot and cold beverage containers and food packaging, and maintains stable performance over a range of temperatures.
  5. Sustainability: Sourced from renewable resources, it reduces dependence on petroleum resources and has relatively low carbon emissions throughout its life cycle.


  • Disposable paper cups: especially inner lamination for coffee cups, cold drink cups and other hot drink containers.
  • Food packaging: e.g. baked goods, fast food containers, sandwich wrappers.
  • Frozen food packaging: some frozen food packaging needs better moisture resistance and low temperature stability, PLA lamination paper can better meet such needs.
  • Commodity Packaging: Used by brand owners who are looking for environmentally friendly solutions to enhance their brand image and respond to the green consumer trend in product packaging.