straw paper
  • White straw paper, natural straw paper, colored straw paper, White straw paper, natural straw paper, colored straw paper.
  • Conventional eco-friendly straw paper, pre-coated non-adhesive straw paper, hydrophobic non-stick lip straw paper, U-tube straw paper, automatic sterilization straw paper, bamboo pulp eco-friendly straw paper, hemp pulp eco-friendly straw paper, etc.

Paper straw paper is a special paper material specially designed and manufactured to produce paper straws.


  1. Environmental protection and degradability: one of the main features of paper straws is that they are environmentally friendly and can be naturally degraded under certain conditions after use, reducing pollution to the environment, especially marine ecology, which is in line with the current global trend of reducing the use of disposable plastic products.
  2. Safe and harmless: Compared with plastic straws, paper straws usually do not contain harmful chemicals, which is safer for human body, especially in food contact use to protect consumer health.
  3. Variety of colors: they can be made in white, natural (virgin) or colored according to demand to meet the needs of different beverage packaging and brand styles.
  4. Functionality: there are conventional environmental protection straw paper, there are also special treatment, such as pre-coated non-glue straw paper to facilitate the roll; hydrophobic non-stick lip straw paper to enhance the waterproof performance, so that the user will not feel uncomfortable with the use of wet; U-tube straw paper to adapt to specific shapes of beverage cups and mouths; automatic sterilization of the straw paper may be added to the production process of anti-bacterial ingredients to improve hygiene standards; environmental protection straw paper bamboo pulp and hemp pulp Eco-friendly straw papers are made from renewable, fast-growing plant fibres, further enhancing sustainability.


  • It is mainly used to replace traditional plastic straws, and is widely used in the catering industry, including but not limited to coffee shops, milk tea shops, fast food chains and other types of catering establishments, as well as some home and hotel banquet occasions. With the implementation of plastic restriction policies worldwide, the application of paper straw paper has been rapidly promoted and popularized.