Cigarette filter rod forming paper
  • Ordinary filter stick forming paper
  • Special function filter stick forming paper
  • Colored forming paper, etc.

Cigarette Filter Stick Forming Paper is a specialty paper designed and manufactured for the tobacco industry as a thin, high-strength paper with specific functionality, whose role is to wrap the acetate tow (or other filter material) to form the filter portion of the cigarette during the cigarette production process.


  1. permeability: forming paper usually has good air permeability, especially high permeability forming paper can reach 3000eu (Corey) or more, which helps to control the speed and flow of smoke through the filter, thus affecting the taste of smoking and the filtering effect of harmful substances such as tar.
  2. strength and toughness: there must be sufficient mechanical strength and fracture resistance to ensure that the high-speed cigarette machine processing does not break and can be used in the process of maintaining a stable shape.
  3. uniformity: smooth surface or with a specific texture such as corrugated crease, this crease design can increase suction resistance and enhance filtration efficiency.
  4. Safety and hygiene standards: in line with strict food safety and hygiene standards, cannot contain harmful chemical compositions, and requires excellent moisture-proof, anti-mold performance.


  • Filter nozzle structure: as the outer wrapping material of the filter nozzle, the filter media (such as acetate tow, activated carbon particles, etc.) are tightly wrapped to form the final filter rod.
  • Harm Reduction: By optimizing the design and material of the paper used to form the filter stick, it is possible to effectively regulate the amount of tar, nicotine and other harmful substances inhaled from burning cigarettes.
  • Product differentiation: Different types of filter stick formers can also be used to achieve different taste experiences to satisfy different consumer needs, such as low-tar cigarettes, special flavored cigarettes, etc.